Vintage Parachute Tote Bag


The body of this tote bag is made from deadstock parachute fabric with carry handles of repurposed nylon belt. The military parachute material was found deep within the depths of an Indian fabric store. The PUEBCO design team explained “there was so much fabric you could barely take a step”. Sat atop a mountain that almost touched the ceiling, the found this fabric.

    • Lightweight tote bag
    • 2 carry handles
    • Zipped closure

Made in India.

*Note: Because this product is made by repurposing the used parachute bag, there are tears, dirt, scratches, fading, etc. in the fabric. In addition, there are individual differences in color and texture. There is a possibility of a hole being opened/created by use or washing

H400 x W450 x D160mm.
Used Fabric (Cotton, Nylon, others), Used Belt.

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