Marble Pet Bowl White


“Let us tell you the story of our project that was supposed to be for making new tableware but ended up creating a bowl for pet food. We visited a factory in India which makes bowls for different types of scientific experiments. They were proud of producing containers that could not be broken under any condition. When we said, “we don’t need a bowl but an outside mold to make a bowl”, the factory manager seemed reluctant. We found marble waste not too far from this factory and decided to use this material instead. When the process was complete the bowl was very heavy. Actually it was too heavy to use as a bowl. We had to give up our desire to eat ramen out of it but we sill wanted to take advantage of this heaviness for something useful. As a result, the bowl for pets was birthed.”, PUEBCO.

    • Made of solid marble
    • Heavyweight
    • Each bowl is unique
    • Suitable for small dogs or cats
Ø130 x H45mm.

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