Paperboy – Issue 5


Left or right. Dark or light. Baggy or tight. Reader, we live in interesting times. Divided times. Polarised. But Paperboy Magazine doesn’t take sides! We’re here for the Good News only. Like Queen Latifah, we’re all about the U.N.I.T.Y. (That’s unity.) And for that reason issue five celebrates the Yin and the Yang. The odd and the even. The salty and the sweet. And since this is such an important topic, we’ve added an extra 60 pages to this issue. Three years in, and Paperboy is all grown up. Like a gawky adolescent, we’ve even cultivated a moustache to prove our newfound manhood. What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Bit of both? Two sides to every story, two sides to each page. Like Madame Paperboy never actually says, Vive La Difference!

162 pages.

PAPERBOY, delivering only good news since 2021. It is for everyone, it has words and pictures. As well as extremely accomplished, world renowned writers, photographers and artists, PAPERBOY recruits a select group of high school kids and undergraduates, who have talent but need a break, and gives a young person the opportunity to get published. PAPERBOY is a bi-annual magazine created by David McKendrick.

L275 x W210mm.

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