Recycled Plastic Stripe Bag Rectangle D26 Orange & Pink


“This fabric is often seen in India and is widely used throughout for bags and storage. I have never found any surplus of this material in good condition to repurpose or in a good combination of colors. One day, I saw very large and very vibrant storage bags hauling goods through the airport in Mumbai. It took me a year a half to find a factory¬† that would make exactly what I saw and produce this fabric. The width of the fabric is narrower than normal cotton or synthetic material, so the size of the bags that can be made is very limited. I decided to start with these four sizes so that there would be no waste during production and are easier to construct as each is made by hand.”, PUEBCO.

    • Made from recycled plastic
    • Aluminium handles


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W260 x D260 x H350mm.
Recycled plastic, aluminium.

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